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The island Ukulhas provides excellent services which reflect most of the services available in high class resorts in the Maldives. As pristine and turquoise lagoon and reef is encircled by Ukulhas it is to be an excellent place to enjoy with white sandy beaches and Snorkeling is one of the best things to enjoy underwater life at Ukulhas. Ukulhas is famous for ‘yellow fin tuna’ fishing while several fishermen are fond of being busy with their ‘reef fishing’ and ‘Marling fishing’.

Orchid Road, Ukulhas, 09030, Rep of Maldives

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Ukulhas is known to be one of the unique featured Islands in the Maldives with many significant characteristics. People of Ukulhas are well known for ‘Yellowfin tuna’ fishing; along with it major occupation of the island is also recorded as fishing. The people of this island are famous for their braveness and strong adherence with each other.